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Head of School - Mrs P B Dhugga

Head of School - Mrs P B Dhugga 1

2017/18 STAFFING


Head of School 

Mrs P Dhugga



Reception, Year 1  and Year 2 Teachers

Mrs R Evans and Mrs H O'Sullivan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Hollis

Year 3 and 4 Teachers

Mrs P Dhugga

Teaching Assistant

Mr T Gardner

Year 5 and 6 Teacher

Mrs D Riman

Teaching Assistant      

Mrs G Lewis 




Ms A Mulcahy (EIS)



Administration Assistant

Mrs R Rigler

School Cook

Mrs A Jankus

School Lunchtime assistants

Mrs A Bishop and Mr T Gardner

School Cleaners

Mrs A Bishop and Mrs P Harris

Caretaker Mrs A Bishop
Picture 1 Mrs P Dhugga
Picture 2 Mrs R Rigler
Picture 3 Mrs D Riman
Picture 4 Mrs R Evans
Picture 5 Mr T Gardner
Picture 6 Mrs A Jankus