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Visions and Values

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Our School Vision


At Salford Priors, we strive to 'learn, enjoy and succeed together' following the Christian values for life that Jesus taught us.  Our value this term is 'Love' and, alongside our learning value of 'High Expectations', we are embracing our care and kindness towards each other as well as praying for those in need.  As you continue to support us on our journey of growth, I pray that God will bless everyone involved with the school. 


Our School Mission Statement


Our Church of England Academy is a special place where we can all feel welcome, safe, supported, valued and respected so that we can all grow and flourish, learn and teach, strive to succeed, work and play, have fun, love and feel loved.


Our School Aims


  • Where we reflect our commitment to a Christian way of life, encompassing tolerance, morality and self-discipline.


  • Where we create a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children, parents and staff can feel valued members of our community.


  • Where we provide challenges, opportunities and resources to enable all our children to acquire knowledge and skills, both academic and social, to the best of their ability.


  • Where we build the confidence and self-esteem of our children and to encourage co-operation, independence, determination and a love of learning.


  • Where we help our children grow as enthusiastic, thoughtful, friendly members of a community who care for and respect each other.