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Attendance and Absences

Regular attendance is central to ensuring all children can reach their full potential and access all that Salford Priors Academy has to offer. Government guidance does not permit parents to take children on holidays during term time and any taken will be unauthorised. Any application for leave of absence during term time should be made to the Head , who must be satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances that warrant the granting of leave.

Further information can be found in our Attendance Policy which can be viewed on the website. If your child is absent through sickness or any unavoidable cause, please contact school by telephone by 9.00am on the first day of absence. This will be an authorised absence. If your child has an appointment of any kind, such as a doctor’s or dentist appointment, please  let your son / daughter class teacher or the school office know and this will be authorised.


Children returning to school after illness should clearly be fit to do so and free from any infection.


 Attached is a Copy of the school's Attendance Policy. Click the link below to see it.