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We are offer non selective education for the pupils of our priority Parishes. 




In each academic school year there are 15 places available. We welcome children from outside the ‘catchment area’ if there are places available.


Our priority catchment area is:

All children from the Parishes of Salford Priors, Abbot’s Salford, Dunnington, Iron Cross, Pitchill, Rushford and The Bevingtons  


The admissions criteria for the school are as follows:-


1. Children in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, a local authority (under section 22 of the Children Act 1989). 


2. Children living in the priority area who have a sibling at the school at the time of admission.

3. Other children living in the priority area. 


4. Children from outside the priority who have a sibling at the school at the time of admission.

5. Other children from outside the priority area.


Within each criteria priority is given in order of the shortest distance between the child’s home and school. Distance is calculated by a straight line measurement from the applicant’s home to the centre point of our school.  Children are admitted to school in the academic year of their fifth birthday. We hold open sessions for parents of prospective children in the autumn term. Please contact the school for details.


For further information please contact the school admissions department on 01926 742037 or 01926 742047. Offer of places are made by Warwickshire County Council in the spring term before children are due to start in the September. We will contact you directly to inform you of our induction programme.


September 2018 - We currently have spaces available in each year group.


​Joining our Reception class - parents wanting their child to join our school must apply directly to Warwickshire Children's Services by either completing the choice form in Warwickshire's Starting School Booklet or, if you live in Warwickshire, online at


Parents with children Years 1 to Year 6  wishing to join Salford Priors School must also apply directly to Warwickshire Admissions by completing the online form at

Alternatively you can contact admissions on 01926 742037 or 01926 742047